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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I get my porta potty?

While our aim is to facilitate same-day or next-day deliveries when possible, we advise making reservations hours to one week prior. This ensures availability of units and enables us to schedule delivery without imposing additional emergency fees.

Can I rent a porta potty for just one day?

Absolutely! Delivery arrangements can be made for the day prior to your single rental day or for the morning of it. There are instances where you may have access to the porta-potty for a day or two after your single-day rental, but you’ll only be billed for the one day.

Do you guarantee my porta potty will be clean when it arrives?

Absolutely. Each porta potty rental is meticulously cleaned and sanitized. Furthermore, for events, you have the option to request our exclusive “special event” units, designated exclusively for private gatherings. Our priority is to furnish porta potty units that are spotless, sanitized, and welcoming.

How often will my porta potty be serviced?

Included in all rentals is a weekly servicing regimen, covering restocking, cleansing, and sanitizing. If your usage demands more frequent attention, we’re prepared to enhance the porta potty service level to match.

Can a porta potty be placed anywhere?

Your porta potty will be positioned thoughtfully on your site, prioritizing stability, security, and ease of maintenance.

How many units do I need?

Need help gauging the number of porta potty units for your event or site? Factors like site size, expected attendance, and regulatory compliance play a role. Our experience enables us to accurately estimate the required units for private events and ensure adherence to OSHA and local regulations for construction sites.

Will my porta potty be wheelchair accessible?

In case you require a wheelchair-friendly porta-potty, we’ve got you covered with the right units. Notify us of your needs during reservation, and we’ll furnish a sanitary, safe, and accessible porta-potty for your convenience.

How do you control odors in the porta potty?

Featuring detergent water, our portable toilets serve as efficient sanitizers and deodorizers. This unique formulation helps combat odors between cleanings. Through comprehensive waste removal and meticulous cleaning during regular servicing, any lingering odors are completely eradicated.

What if the porta potty is tipped over?

In the event of your porta potty being overturned, notify us at once. Upon our arrival, we’ll take necessary action, replacing or servicing the unit as needed.