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Reunion Tower

A lot of people are really attracted to going to Dallas regardless of the weather and the reason why they need to go there. And it is true that Dallas has a lot of attractions to offer, but the Reunion Tower should not be missed because doing so would be like not being in Dallas at all. The Reunion Tower is one of the highly advised attractions in Dallas because of the many different things that it can offer the visitors, and these sights and attractions will be expounded below.

Observation Deck

For instance, the Reunion Tower has an observation deck that gives the visitors an amazing view of the city once they reach the topmost level; reaching that top-level will only take about 60 seconds that makes the excitement and anticipation truly unbearable. Those people who love seeing the city from a unique vantage point, going to Reunion Tower’s observation deck will truly be worth it. Not only that, for people who love seeing the details of skylines and cityscapes, Reunion Tower also has a technology that will help in achieving this experience and this technology is called GeO-Deck Tech.

GeO-Deck Tech

Reunion Tower has redefined the meaning of adventure with the use of their own technology called GeO-Deck Tech; this technology uses ‘Halo screens’ to be able to allow the guests to see beyond the overall architecture of the buildings in Dallas and up to a certain extent, explore the different attractions in the city with the help also of descriptions and images. The ability to interact with other people is also increased by this technology because it also allows people to create their own avatars so that it would be easier to interact with other people who are also visiting the Reunion Tower. More than that, this avatar also anyone to describe their experience in exploring the city virtually.


There are also various restaurants that people can enjoy while they are visiting Reunion Tower. One particular restaurant in Reunion Tower is called Cloud Nine Cafe and it is a casual eatery where people can enjoy their delicious view while at the same time also enjoying a picturesque view. The operation hours of Cloud Nine varies so the best plan of action is to check schedules beforehand before even going there to ensure that not time and effort will be wasted going there. Another restaurant is called Five Sixty and compared to Cloud Nine Cafe, it has a more formal vibe that truly offers a more sophisticated environment for people who will eat there. This is definitely perfect for guests, more specifically couples, who want to have a good time in a place that has a good ambiance while enjoying dishes made from fresh and exquisite ingredients. And just like in other restaurants, there are no tickets needed to be able to eat here, but it is advised for people to make reservations early on to be assured of a table.

With all these things that Reunion Tower has to offer, it is no wonder that a lot of people are recommending this as a good attraction to see when visiting Dallas.

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