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Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Dallas is a city located in North Texas, is one of the most populous in this state and considered a modern metropolis for being a center of economy, in addition to its varied culture and diversity of tourist attractions, you can find museums, parks, sports centers and much more.

Visitors to Dallas are left wanting to come back for the amount of tourism that can be done without great costs. One of the positive points that this city has is the variety of museums, so if you are one of those who want to get knowledge this is the perfect destination.

One of the museums you have to visit is the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, its permanent exhibits are dedicated to sports, nature, history, and science among themselves. It is a place that offers you an incredible experience, within it will activate your curiosity, transfer their ideas, preserve the information, and also inspire you to raise awareness of the spaces.

It is located in the upper part of the city, specifically at 2201 N Field St. This museum is ideal for visiting with children, teenagers, alone or as a family. The whole museum is a work dedicated to education and design, visiting it will be an experience that you will want to repeat.

The museum and its two campuses

El Perot Museum of Nature and Science consists of two campuses, the main one is located in Victoria Park and the secondary campus is located in Fair Park.

Victoria Park Campus: It consists of 6 floors but only 5 are accessible to the public because one of them is dedicated to the museum’s management offices. Inside these floors, you’ll find 11 rooms where permanent exhibits are held, including the children’s museum, a sports section, a life-discovering section, Texas Engineering, a Theater that provides a National Geographic experience and more.

Campus Fair Park: Located in the Natural History Museum Building, it usually presents exhibits such as Light Play, Mineral Majestic and historical dioramas. It is considered a historic district for the amount of time it has existed and the events that have been held in it.

What to do if you go with children

  • The best time to visit: if you are a member we recommend going from 9 am, it is a perfect time for children to run without there being so many people. You can also go to the museum if you arrive at 10 am. If you are not a member, we recommend that you go before no later than no more than half a day or after 3 pm, that’s when the museum is less crowded. In search of dinosaurs:
  • Children will be able to participate in fun activities at the same time educational, where they can learn about dinosaurs, watch videos of excavations, and practice it as well.
  • Learn about the weather: in this area, you will be able to learn about the different weather events, experience magnitudes of earthquakes, feel the winds of a tornado, and much more. If you have a future meteorologist at home, this will be your favorite experience.
  • ┬áCompete with a professional athlete: in this room, they combine science with sport, so children will always be interested, they will be able to run and see how their body position will affect their speed, see their body under x-ray, and many more fun things.

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